Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tool 10: Digital Citizenship

1. I think the first thing that students and parents should be aware of is that once you put something on
    the internet it is there to stay forever and your actions and words or things you do can be recorded for
    all to see now and until you die. So students must be aware of this first.

Be very careful when speaking about other people, cyber bullying can be just as painful as the physical act and can hurt people in life. Just as you don't won't someone to hurt you be careful what you say

Make sure that the information that you get is factual...since anyone can put anything on the net...they will.

2 .I would use I Safe which teaches safety and responsibility to students....even if students might think twice
    in the future when they know the consequences

3. I would like the kids to practice starting a rumor and or pretend to put photos of someone on the net
    and let them discuss how they would feel if it were to happen to them

4. I would send a letter from I Safe home with the students for their parents to sign and ask that their
    parents discuss the responsibilities of Digital Citizenship and let the parents know that we are going
    to talk about the same thing in class

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