Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tool 6: Blogging

In wallwisher students can post videos or pictures on a virtual poster board for the class to see and discuss

I liked using wall wisher because it could be used by students anonymously so that others cannot critique
them and gives them a feeling of self expression as well as participating in a group effort

I used Today's meet because it's a good way to get students talking in the class room and only
can be used in the classroom

I think that both wallwisher and Today's meet are a great way to get students usiing content vocabulary
while their having fun and being private...anything that gets their little brains moving toward the direction
or focus of the class is going to help with learning....I would think that wallwisher is funnier for esl students
and today's meet for academic

1 comment:

  1. I used Wallwisher so students can add to a message board. It allows people to add video or photos and say what they think