Friday, March 23, 2012

Tool 7: Reaching outside the classroom

Content Objective: TSW examine the challenges of lack of education and how it effects others in the
world by talking live with students in Africa (Egypt) and asking how they feel students here could help students in their country

When do you plan to implement this? When students begin to study Africa after STARR exams

What tools do you plan to use? Skype or Edmodo

Explanation: Students will talk with a relative of a student in Africa and have the chance to ask questions  that they feel might help them to better understand the situation in which they live. Students from the other class will in turn ask our students questions. The two will then discuss ways to improve the situation and or how we can help each other. Students can also use their responses and cooperation through Google docs or Edmodo
and then present the following week with a presentation by showing wordle, Animoto or some other visual form we have learned and share it with the class

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