Friday, March 23, 2012

Tool 9: Classroom Based Devices


1. I believe it's important to incorporate technology into the curriculum because it is clearly the direction which we are headed. That is to say that our children are growing up in an electronic and digital age that are parents
and ourselves couldn't have imagined. is is rumored that textbooks are now being phased out for electronic
devices and whether we like it or not it is the way the wind is blowing

2. I believe that holding students responsible for a station is showing students what responsibility is all
about. It teaches students that they're not playing with toys at a friends house but are handling very expensive
equipment which I believe leads to better appreciation, ownership, and learning.

3. I like Learning games for Kids. It has a variety of games for young learners which is also perfect for ESL students and since there is so many games to choose from all students at a station could pick a game the liked the most and share it with the class who could learn to play as a group against each other for fun.
   I also enjoyed visiting Thinkfinity. It has some excellent videos synopsis of events that students could
use to tell the class and the teacher about what the saw and learned.

4. For the I pad one great app for social studies ESL students is Brainstorm. students can watch videos of important events and read short essays that interactive quizzes which students could do as a group.
   Educreations turns your Ipad into a whiteboard so that the students become the teacher giving them
a chance to explore and  go and reteach anything they've learned for the class

5. I believe that the students can use the Ipad in multiple ways to learn and have a station with different apps so that student could rotate if they wanted or play content vocab games against each other so that learning is constant. One station can have a video, one interactive game and others that kids could make their own videos and watch what other students have done

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